Crypto Casino

Currencies: BTC, BNB, ETH, TRX, DOGE etc.



You can choose from hundreds of games. My favorite is Keno because of the chances of big prizes, but there are also lower risk games, such as. Dice or Limbo.


Odds of winning

Unlike other sites, the odds of winning are listed correctly.

Is it really possible to win at the casino?

The short answer is yes.

But remember, this is gambling. The chances of a person losing are greater than that of winning.

I suggest you only play with as much money as you will not miss out of your budget if you lose.

Why BetFury?

  • After trying many online casinos, I got stuck here.
    Among other things, it’s worth a try because of the daily free BTC and BNB loot boxes. This allows us to try out the games without risk.
  • In addition to continuous play, we get BFG tokens, which if we keep (staking), we receive dividends on a daily basis. This can provide a steady income to play with, or even withdraw if the right amount is accumulated.
  • The site has a cashback system. Cashback is 2-20% depending on your level.
  • If you invite your friends, you will receive a commission from their winnings.

Free BTC!


Every 20 minutes you can get BTC and BNB for free, with which you can try your luck without risk.